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Invite magic into your home by learning to live consciously and mindfully through Hearth Witchery.

Invoke your inner witch through gardening, cooking, crafting, and creating your own magic.

Hearth Witchery

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Living

30 Days to a Magical Home

All the advancements in tech, medicine, food, etc., have created this ‘memory loss’ of a simpler, wholesome time. A time when witches were the wise women and used plants for food and medicine. A time when our days were ruled by the sun and our nights ruled by the stars.

When true magic was created by fusing nature with a witch’s intent.

Even though we live in a technological age, we all secretly yearn for that simpler time. This intuitive enticement begs us to remember our magic and the magic that is all around us. It’s asking us to come home, not just to our souls, but to the earth as well.

All these technological advancements in tech have created a workforce that doesn’t know how to work with their hands. Skills such as blacksmithing, woodworking, cooking, and crafting have been replaced with modern factories making cookie-cutter knives and wooden furniture.

All these advancements in medicine have seemingly led to resistances to antibiotics, adverse reactions to vaccines, and outbreaks of viruses never before known to man.

All these advancements in food now mean we consume food that is processed and genetically modified, and meals now come in pre-filled boxes with cooking instructions.


So how do we get back to a more wholesome life whilst simultaneously living in the modern world?

We fuse the two together!

By fusing the knowledge and practices of our witch ancestors with the technological advancements of our modern-day life, we can:

* Live in harmony with the earth

* Live sustainably

* Be better prepared for anything life throws at us

* We can spearhead an evolution of natural magic

Green Witchery


Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs will not only help you cut down on your grocery bill or help you lead a more simpler life, but it can also help ensure that you have extra food if tough times were to hit.

Kitchen Witchery


Receive guidance on cooking with magical intention. Every ingredient we use has an energetic component and can be used to create culinary magic.

Wellness Witchery


Learn how to put together a natural first aid kit, and craft ritual bath salts, scrubs, soaps, and herbal home remedies for a variety of common issues. 

Soul Witchery


Identifying your inner witch and revealing your own magical powers.

Bonus: Crystal Witchery


Learn about the magical and healing properties of crystals. 

Bonus: Techno Witchery


The best witchy apps and cyber spells.

The Hearth Witchery course is

just one payment of $97

ready to create a magical life you love?

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