What if you discovered a magical formula that, when used correctly, will free you to enchant your life and elevate your business?

Whose dreams are you chasing?

You’ve been chasing a dream for so long you don’t even remember if it was your dream, to begin with.

You’re chasing all the things you think are a good fit for you and your business. Stockpiling all those shiny promises that every course you buy or coach you hire offers. But when it comes time to cash in, the shine on those promises turns out to be just fool’s gold. Which really, really, bothers you when your friends, who bought the same course or hired the same coach, are reaping such shiny rewards.

You’ve tried on so many hats but the only one that really seems to fit you well is your Witch’s hat – and even then you don’t know how to wear that hat every day in your business. 

Why aren’t all those courses and coaching packages working for you?

Here’s the hard truth: nothing you will ever do in your life or in your business will bring you absolute happiness, love, security, success, or wealth…

Until you know who you are

Until you know what you want

Until you understand your unique design

Until you’ve reclaimed your personal power

Here’s what you need to understand:

You’re not consciously trying to find the next best thing…You’re subconsciously trying to find the next best you!

Those courses and coaching packages aren’t working for you because, without understanding your design, who you are, and what you want, you won’t understand how to successfully implement the strategies and methods being taught to you.

You’re taking all the courses because they promise you how to find your soulmate, how to start or upscale your business, or how to get fit and fabulous. But if you don’t know who you are at your core then all of these courses will only touch on the surface level of your life and business.

You need to go deep. You need to rediscover your place in this Universe. You need to remember who you truly are.

Then all of those courses will finally click for you. You’ll understand that knowing who you are will help you attract your soulmate. You’ll start or upscale the business of your dreams. You’ll get fit and fabulous in a healthy way that suits you.

What Do You Want?

Isn’t it time for you to redefine what your personal power is? One of the biggest themes for 2020 will be witnessing all those situations where you once compromised yourself, your values, and your beliefs, start falling away. And by redefining your personal power now, you’ll be better equipped to step forward into the life and business of your dreams.

We are designed to love ourselves, to be authentic, to embody our vitality, to contribute to the world from a place of compassion, to make an impact, and to leave a legacy.

And the first step is to become uncaged.

Let me help you unpick the lock to the cage that holds you from knowing yourself and knowing your purpose.

Wouldn’t you like to consciously create from a place of confidence in yourself and in the Universe?

Creative Mystics Guild

Coming Soon:

A monthly membership site to study business witchery – business management with a woo-woo twist!

Work With Me

Whether it’s a one-time-only private Human Design or Quantum Alignment session, or a longer group coaching package, there are multiple different ways to work with me. 

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