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Libbii Armstrong is a Quantum Alignment Coach and Soul Biz Witch for spiritually creative entrepreneurs. She has led dozens of workshops and transformational retreats to help creatives across the globe make quantum leaps and bounds to enchant and enrich their lives and businesses by fusing practical magic with spiritual magic.

Libbii has studied under entrepreneurial thought leaders like Gabrielle Bernstein and Selena Soo and holds certifications in a variety of coaching, business, and healing modalities. She is also the creator of a successful line of handcrafted leather accessories and understands the nuances of running a creative business. She has appeared on ABC4 Utah, The Empress Festival, and is a contributing writer for Thrive Global and Elephant Journal and, and is the author of the forthcoming book Bad Vibe Slayer.

An immigrant from South Africa, Libbii enjoys manifesting her American Dream as she guides others to see what is truly possible when they follow their passion. She is available to speak about creativity, soulful entrepreneurship, small business, personal transformation, living in alignment with your soul’s purpose, and holistic pet care. Libbii is also willing to share her personal stories of living with unexplained infertility, and how she became a ‘forgotten immigrant’ during her 28-year legal immigration journey to be reunited with her family in the USA.

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