Soul Biz Witch Consulting

Work with me in a private 1:1 capacity to achieve your witchy dreams.

Soul Biz Witch Consulting

Work with me in a private 1:1 capacity to achieve your witchy dreams.

Private Consulting

Sometimes you just need a little extra help. Sure you know your business inside and out, and you’re no stranger to spirituality, manifestation, and even witchery. But still, some things aren’t working out the way you hoped.

During our time together we can uncover what’s not working for you, discover your Human Design, craft spells, and implement soul-inspired strategies.

I work with entrepreneurs in the holistic, spiritual, and creative online space. I bring my education, experiences, business acumen, and witchy self to every encounter with a client.

As a business owner, you know that there is more than one way to attract clients and generate sales. You know because you’ve studied the teachings of many online gurus and coaches.

So why aren’t those methods working as well for your business as they are for your online colleagues?

The reason is that the methods taught are conventional, mainstream, and customary for any ol’ business.

These methods do not take your business’s uniqueness into consideration.

The gurus are teaching the masses. Their content is meant for many people to consume at once, regardless of where they are with their businesses.

Isn’t it time you recognized the individuality of your business? And honored your own sacredness?

Think of me as your personal Biz Witch! Together we’ll work on your business plan, marketing, and sales. I’ll show you how to incorporate magick into every aspect of your business. You’ll receive personalized rituals, spells, and enchantments.

We start with your unique Human Design so that you can understand your Strategy and Authority. This will help you to stand strong in your authenticity. 

Then we’ll discuss your business. You’ll tell me your hopes and wishes…and your flops too. We’ll go over your content, copy, and marketing efforts, and you’ll receive tangible guidance so that you can make your business dreams come true.

Along the way, you’ll also receive a tarot or oracle card reading, an energy cleanse for yourself and your business, a customized spell or ritual, and personalized suggestions on how to bring more magick into your business with rich-uals, spells, incantations, sigils, apothecary, and enchantments.


Weekly Consult


Each week we’ll have a 1-hour consult to discuss your unique business needs and how you can enrich it with a little magick.

Your Human Design


Every first-time client will get a Human Design chart reading included in the consultancy fee.



I will do a Tarot and/or Oracle reading for each month that we work together.

Voxer Support


You will receive Voxer support during business hours where you can ask any questions and I’ll provide you with suggestions.

Custom Spell Work


Each month that we work together,  we’ll craft your very own spell to aid whatever business concerns you may have.

Energy Work


As part of each consultancy, I will perform an energy cleanse for you and your business.

Private Soul Biz Witch Consulting is a wonderful way for you to become a badass boss witch, enrich your business, and enhance your life through fusing practical magic with spiritual magick. I offer a 1-month package for $333 with the option of four weekly payments of $85, or a 3-month package for $666 with a monthly payment plan of $222.

1 Month Pay In Full of $333

4 Weekly Payments of $85

3 Months Pay In Full $666

$222 Monthly Payment Plan

ready to enrich your business and enchant your life? 

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