Muse meets CEO Creativity Coaching

When your inner creative Muse meets your outer business CEO, fame and fortune will be yours.  


When your inner creative Muse meets your outer business CEO, fame and fortune will be yours.  

Has being a soulfully creative entrepreneur lost its charm?

You are wildly creative and multi-passionate...

but you’re feeling like you’ve lost your creative edge, especially when it comes to the business side of your creativity and nothing you do feels like fun anymore?

You are committed to working as hard as you can...

…to grow your business and your community but feel like you were given a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces and no reference picture to go by?

And even though you think you know what you want you can't seem to make a decision...

…and if you can’t make your own decisions, then someone else will make those decisions for you whether you like it or not.

Are You Ready To Unravel Your Creative Magic?

You were not put on Earth to just pay bills, run a business to the ground, and tire yourself out completely. You are here for a very distinct purpose: to improve and expand the Universe through your creativity!

You know deep inside that it is time to let your message be heard far and wide.

It doesn’t matter if your message is in the form of a book or song waiting to be written, a canvas ready to be painted, a business on the eclipse of blooming, or simply a new creative and magical YOU just waiting on a sign from the Universe.

Consider me as that sign!

I’m Libbii Armstrong

As a Creativity Coach, Quantum Human Design Specialist, and a Biz Witch, I offer you support and guidance to get into better alignment with your mind, body, and soul on multiple different levels – including the quantum level, your aura, your senses, and your body, so you can unravel your authentic creative magic.

I work with entrepreneurs in the holistic, spiritual, and creative online space. I bring my education, experiences, business acumen, and witchy self to every encounter with a client.

I help Creative Entrepreneurs, who struggle with uniting their inner Muse with their inner CEO, to achieve a successful creative business, by guiding them to step into creative alignment with Soul.

I believe that everyone is a natural-born creator and that we co-create our world and experiences with the Universe/Divine Creator/Source/Spirit/God/Goddess (whatever name you prefer to use).

Creativity and talent are two different attributes: Everyone is creative, but talent is born in creativity and raised through practice.

Most people go through life unaware of just how creative they are; while others grab onto their creativity and race to perfect their talent so they can stand out from the rest of the world.

Life isn’t about what we see on the surface. It’s about what we don’t see that lies above us, below us, and within us. To truly see we need to: 

  • Remember what is hidden
  • Rediscover our passion
  • Revolutionize our world

For the first few years of our life, we are encouraged to be creative. It is through our creative experiences that we learn to walk and talk.

But then as teenagers and young adults, we are discouraged from being creative. This is when we begin to forget who we truly are.

By the time we are adults, most of us have lost our creative spark, while others have held onto what little spark they had left and have done their best to keep the spark glowing.

To be successful creative entrepreneurs, we need to remember who we are before we started to hide our true selves, rediscover our creative spark, and create our own personal and business revolution.

Let me help your Muse meet your CEO through private creativity coaching

I will help you remember your innate creativity, bust through any creative blocks, rediscover your passion, and guide you to revolutionize your life and business by taking quantum leaps forward with your Muse and stepping into your higher CEO self.

My purpose is simple: to be your tour guide on your journey to creative success. Using my unique tools and resources, I will lead you on a path of an inspired resurgence so that you can emerge with greater clarity, greater focus, and greater authenticity.

As a Creativity Coach and Human Design specialist, I work with soulfully-creative business owners and multi-talented creatives to help you take quantum leaps forward in your creative business and life.

I’m not your ‘normal’ coach.

I don’t take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach.

I know what it means to be truly creative…and I know the immense frustration of a creative block.

I understand the complexities of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

My coaching is founded on creating space for your transformation with compassion and integrity.

A Creativity Coach invites you to manifest your potential.

Eric Maisel

Creative Strategy

Self-doubt and limiting beliefs are the most common reasons why creative entrepreneurs feel stuck – so we’ll work on addressing them by discussing what’s holding you back and where you envision you’d like to be at the end of our time together.

But since we first need to understand who you are on an energetic level, you’ll also be given your personal Human Design chart and reading that we’ll use to uncover your energetic blueprint, recognize where your creative blocks stem from and identify your natural creative strengths.

Together, we’ll create a strategic path that will take you from living a mundane existence where your creativity is stifled, to living the life of your dreams where your creativity flourishes.

We’ll dig up any old stories you have and rewrite them with you as the hero/heroine. We’ll uncover your money blocks so you can finally earn what you are worth. We’ll reality-test your ideas and map out your dreams.

We’ll spend time on what it truly means to be a Soulfully Creative Entrepreneur. We’ll discuss marketing, selling, and creating content that is in alignment with your multiple passions and purpose. We’ll make sure that you have all the tools and systems in place to successfully launch (or re-launch) your creative business.

Like most true creatives, I loathe rigidity and rules, so the pace of each creativity coaching session is set by you. This means we can discuss whatever you need the most help with at that time.  

I will support you, encourage you, and give you honest feedback so that you can take aligned action in your creative business to let go of what is holding you back, shift your mindset, and build a successful and rewarding creative business and life on your own terms.

Through your private coaching sessions with me as your guide, you will be able to finally merge your creative muse with your soulful CEO, so that you can live a life where you create your own magic every day.

The Muse meets CEO Creativity Coaching package

The total investment is just three monthly payments of $997 or pay in full for only $2,700

Quantum Jump Start Session

On this call, we’ll get to know each other better and discuss how you envision your future life. We’ll talk about your creative life and business goals and set your intentions for our time together.

Your Human Design


Every first-time client will get a Human Design chart reading included in the coaching fee.

You’ll also receive EFT scripts and crystals, oils, and flower essence recommendations.

Coaching Sessions

You’ll receive suggestions, encouragement, and even gentle accountability, as well as acquiring tools and practices to scale your business as you become more proficient at making decisions based on your intuition vs decisions based on fear.

Coaching sessions are held via email and Voxer.

You can email me at any time during our work together with any questions or concerns you may have and I will respond back to you during regular business hours.

You will also receive 2 Voxer VIP days per month where we can discuss anything you need guidance with. 

Are You Ready To Unravel your creativity?

Yes! I want the 3 Monthly Payment Option of $997

I’m ready to take a Quantum Leap & pay in full – $2,700

How Will Your Life Change With Creativity Coaching?


Things you WON'T have to do if you choose Creativity Coaching:


Feeling constantly overwhelmed, stressed, burned out, & stuck as life passes you by


Waste time & money attempting to figure out what your soul’s purpose is


Go it alone or receive cookie-cutter coaching


Live a mundane existence when you know you’re meant for more


Consider giving up on your dreams because you just can’t seem to “connect all the dots” in your life & business


Pass up opportunities for personal and business growth


Things you GET to do if you choose Creativity Coaching:


Trust your soul and your intuition as you consciously choose from your highest vibration to always make the right decisions


Make quantum shifts and take quantum leaps as you become more aligned with your soul’s purpose


Create your soulful business based on your unique energetic design


Find your authentic creative expression


Create a life that is fulfilling and rewarding

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